Taurus Cranes can design and manufacture lifting beams to suit the customers individual requirements at any capacity required. Lifting beams can be designed to lift loads with offset centre of gravity or to be able to sling at multiple points from a single point lift.

Lifting beams or in some cases a spreader beam is a specialist type of accessory that falls under UK lifting regulations. They come in a wide variety of specifications to suit the load that needs to be lifted. Our team can assess your requirements and advise a specific size to use for your needs. The beams can be used for one-off loading or multiple loads. One of the unique features of lifting beams is the ability to use multiple attachment points for the load as well as different suspension configurations.

This allows even spreading of the load and prevention of load slipping during lifting. Special attachments such as hooks, plate clamps and bolts are often used to provide stability when lifting.

A swing jib crane in action.
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